The wound is the place where the Light enters you.


We pride ourselves on being more than just someone to listen, but someone to help you look at things a different way. It all starts with a healthy mind, and a fresh perspective. From there, focusing on your well-being, mental and emotional health, and physical wellness comes into play like never before. You’re taking the first steps on a journey, but you’re not taking them alone.


We offer a range of individual and group therapy services.

• Individual Psychotherapy
• Trauma Therapy
• Group Therapy

• Video Sessions
• Coaching
• Court Ordered Mental Health & Substance Evaluations

Our Treatment Approach

Our team of licensed specialized licensed clinicians utilize a variety of evidenced-based and holistic treatment options tailored to the individual client.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
EMDR Therapy
Exposure -Based
Somatic Therapy
Tao Psychotherapy

As professional therapists, our role is to guide you as you take steps towards positive life changes, healing, and a healthy mind. Together we’ll work to uncover and better understand life’s challenges and day-to-day stressors that detract from your life and focus, and begin identifying and practicing things that will make you stronger.

We consider all our patients to be more than just another name, or an appointment. Therapy is meant to be a completely individual experience, and we treat it as such, with deep compassion and absolutely no judgment. Not only do we want to provide support and encouragement for each of our clients, but it’s our goal to offer them practical resources that they can put into practice immediately in their lives. We used both modern approaches and tried and true methods to fit each client’s individual needs with understanding, no matter who they are, or their particular walk of life. Everyone can achieve more personal growth and strength, and it’s an honor to work on that together.